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It is a common myth that as we age, we should expect to experience joint pain. This myth is limiting the abilities of adults through to seniors to be able to walk, move and experience life in a positive and active way.


Through the choice of stem cell therapy for arthritis at Synergy Medical in Bradenton, adults of all ages have found relief from joint pain in their knees, hips, shoulders, elbows as well as wrists and ankles. This is an entirely drug-free option that is completed in our office, eliminating downtime and allowing our patients to continue with their lives during the treatment.

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The first step in the process will be complete an injury assessment. Our doctors and medical staff will assess the pain you are experiencing and discuss the options for stem cell therapy for joints that will be used to treat the joint by tapping into your body’s own healing potential.

Treatment Basics

As with all alternative & regenerative medicine, the goal of the treatment is to restore the balance in the body. Restoring the balance will allow the natural healing process within your system to occur.

To generate this optimal internal environment, a single non-surgical injection is completed at the area of pain. Most patients will notice an improvement in as little as 4 weeks, with the recommended rehabilitation providing the most optimal results.

Body Healing

With the introduction of the umbilical stem cells into the affected joint area, healing will continue long after the injection. Patients may find they are able to participate in activities and events that have been impossible for years, bringing back enjoyment and quality of life they may have thought was gone forever.

The Key: Umbilical Cord Cells


The key to stimulating the natural healing and regenerative ability of the body is in the introduction of the umbilical cord stem cells. These cells are rich in the specific nutrients and components that people tend to lose as they age.


With this addition of growth factors and proteins from the umbilical stem cells, the environment in the affected joint is changed to promote healing. An additional benefit to this stem cell treatment is that it can stimulate your own body to begin the regeneration of new tissue, which leads to continual repair of the joint. Stem cells obtained from umbilical tissue has the highest percentage of viable and active cells.

The Basics of Alternative
& Regenerative Medicine


The providers at Synergy Medical that specialize in regenerative medicine are working on the cutting edge of research. They are substantially changing the way that people see the healing process, allowing the introduced stem cells to change the body environment to promote healing from within. This is very different than pharmaceutical options that simply manages a symptom or mask the pain; stem cells regenerate tissue and repair tissue damaged by injury or wear and tear on the body as people age.


Unlike other types of stem cell treatments, Synergy Medical only uses stem cells donated from the umbilical cords of healthy babies. This sample, which is collected by a trained medical professional immediately after the birth and with the full consent of the mother, is rich in proteins, growth factors, and stem cells.

In addition, these umbilical stem cells that are used in stem cell therapy for arthritis and joint pain also provide:


IR-1ra Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist will begin to reduce the impact of inflammation


VEGF Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, which will increase blood flow o to the area to promote healing


FGF-2 Fibroblast Growth Factor works to boost the cell’s natural ability to reproduce itself


TGF-beta Transforming Growth Factor-beta will prompt the growth of new, healthy cartilage


SCF- Stem Cell Factor works to stimulate and enhance your body’s own native and currently inactive stem cells to switch on and begin to assist with the repair of the damaged joint area.


These are just a limited number of the components and factors that are provided in the injection, all designed not to mask or cover up the pain but to regenerate new, healthy tissue.

Our Staff and Doctors


At Synergy Medical in Bradenton, our medical specialists provide alternative & regenerative medicine for adults with joint pain from arthritis or injury. With this revolutionary treatment and the use of umbilical stem cells, patients have the option to use a non-pharmaceutical treatment option that doesn€™t just cover up the symptoms, but that results in the regeneration of the body at the cell level.


To learn more about our process, please contact our staff today. To schedule a consultation or to learn more, call us at 941-755-9355.

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